Resident Evil 5 adds a new feature 14 years after it was officially released

Resident Evil 5 adds a new feature 14 years after it was officially released

This is one of the most criticized parts of the saga.

Resident Evil 5 has a two-player co-op mode

To this day, Capcom’s main focus seems to be targeting Resident Evil 4 remakewhich would be his next great game and would, in a sense, bring an end to the trilogy of remakes that began with the second a few years ago, especially since there wouldn’t be many who would like to see something new from five.

In this way, and under the same premise, the promotion has led to the announcement of a new demo in the last state of play in which we will be able to deal with Leon S. Kennedy as we will see him in the title, in the same until changes in the gameplay of Resident Evil 4 Remake were also revealed, and this Something many fans would be grateful to know The original title hasn’t aged as well as it should.

The update focused on introducing local collaboration

Be that as it may, since we mentioned the fifth numbered installment of the saga and it was released in 2009, it must be said that, oddly enough, it was released in the middle of 2023. Resident Evil 5 update In its version for PC, resulting in those who purchased the title on Steam to see how the title made the following changes:

  • You have removed the requirements for Games for Windows Live.
  • You have added a local collaboration to the live screen.
  • Fixed several bugs.

It should be noted that Resident Evil 5 already has online co-op, so despite the fact that many may not be taking advantage of it, it is estimated that Capcom wanted to spend some time on this game, especially considering that It was the first to add these multiplayer features Even if they are connected initially.

For the rest, and knowing that it was a title that continued with the events of the fourth numbered installment of the saga, it must be said that Resident Evil 5 was a title that received mixed reviews According to the respective departments. However, remember that it is a title that is available for PC, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, as well as on new generation consoles thanks to its backwards compatibility.

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