Free help… with many surprises!

Free help… with many surprises!

This Thursday celebrates B2E Day: Emotional Well-Being in the Workplace: Free Help … with many surprises!

The day has come! On this Thursday, October 6, emotional well-being becomes the main hero throughb2e day: emotional well-being in the workplace”And theevent organized bytreatmentA digital yHR addressing the importance of emotional well-being at workfocusing on all those actions that can be done to promote it among teams and adapt it to new work environments and new ways of working.

The event takes place on Thursdays at Espacio Rastro Madrid from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

Throughout this day, there will be manyRound tables on emotional well-being integrated into the company culture, one speech on well-being in the work environmentIn addition, it will go a step further to address The keys to disconnecting after your workday.

Access to the full agenda for “b2e day: emotional well-being in the workplace”

In addition to,All who attend the event will be treated to a workshop for their whole team, worth €500 in “Stress management using relaxation techniques”They will also be able to participate inWellness Counselor Lotterya solution that acts as a source of basic information for the company and this in turn will allow it to take preventive measures regarding the welfare of its workers.

I’m still on time!Don’t miss this Thursday, October 6, b2e day: emotional well-being in the workplace“,event organized bytreatmentand RRHHDigital, at the Espacio Rastro in Madrid.

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