Science has revealed what happens when the sun is asleep

Science has revealed what happens when the sun is asleep

The Solar Minimum Is it Regular period of least solar activity in the 11-year cycle of the sun. During this, the sunspots (regions of the Sun with a lower temperature than their surroundings) and release electromagnetic radiation It decreases, often for several days in a row. The date of the minimum is described by an exponential smoothing of sunspot activity over a 12-month period, and thus the determination of the date of the minimum sun can generally occur only 6 months after its occurrence. Solar minimum energy is associated with climate change.


Science has confirmed that the phenomenon of flares can affect, among other things, radio communications, electric power networks and navigation signals.

What happens when the sun is asleep

The researchers discovered that internal transformation mechanism from the sun Keep working during these quiet periods. They also explained that when he sleeps quickly, there is turbulence in the regions around its geographic poles. Magnetic activity continues in the form of weak cycles that are unable to produce sunspots.

The team also showed that the . file Plasma in the solar convection zone (where energy is transferred by heat) It works like a clock, driving weak magnetic cycles inside the sun through what were thought to be phases of extreme quiescence.

This research aims to help Future expeditions planned to study the sunfocusing on the interior and polar regions that have remained unknown to astronomers.

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