WellbeinWellbeing 360°, International Conference on the Search for Wellbeing: Rosalinda Ballesteros

WellbeinWellbeing 360°, International Conference on the Search for Wellbeing: Rosalinda Ballesteros

Something very important from the index for a better life, from Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, is that you find that the greater the welfare in society, the greater the civic participation of citizens. This is something so amazing and motivates us to introduce people to think about how we can change our perspective on life.

How do we explain what is happening in our lives. That is why we want to make these tools available to everyone.”

Rosalind Ballesteros, boss Institute of Integrated Wellbeing Sciences From Tech MillenniumExplain the above in order to implement the event 360 degree luxurywhich will take place from October 17-20, in a mixed format, simultaneously in Mexico City and Monterrey.

Life is worth living, is our motto. It is what we treat as the definition of luxury. Twenty-five years ago, a psychologist named Martin Seligman searched for the conditions that make life worth living. Ten years ago at the Institute for the Science of Integrated Wellbeing, we began investigating and communicating that life is too short to enjoy except on the weekends.”

Wellbeing 360° is a symposium in which experts from 50 countries will be speaking from academia and empirical work on happiness and its necessary introduction into people’s lives.

Rosalinda Ballesteros explained that the conference is directed to all audiences, especially to student communityIt was one of the sectors most affected by the epidemic.

He added that they were affected exclusively by the interruption of interaction between students and the disruption of school dynamics.

It is demonstrated that a student who is experiencing emotional problems has or will develop the ability to learn with difficulty; We investigated it after the pandemic, children who were afraid to meet with boys for fear of infection or young people who have become antisocial, hence the importance of this type of meeting that seeks to provide a tool based on the knowledge of specialists and world reports on well-being and happiness.”

Speaking about the importance of 360-degree wellbeing, Rosalinda Ballesteros said the speakers represent a cascade of academic knowledge that can reach tens of thousands of interested people for free.

The academic added that these types of expert-provided tools grow well-being indicators of how to live together better, create support networks, experience more positive emotions, positive leadership, and relationships with others.

Rosalinda Ballesteros said Education for Happiness is not included in the primary and secondary school curricula, nor in higher education levels.

Anxiety levels have grown among students, and we can’t ignore that from the decisions we make. Today we have many possibilities to choose and we should focus on what gives us more happiness rather than generating frustration, which happens many times.”

Among the 50 speakers participating: Kelly McGonigala health psychologist and professor at Stanford University, best known for her “scientific aid” work.

Humans are exposed to mental influences, so we should also consider well-being at work, where we spend most of our lives. one person. We can’t say I’m Rosalinda and I work here and at home I’m someone else.”

Among other things, they will participate Robert E. QuinnMargaret Elliott Tracy Collegiate Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan and Ross School of Business. His research and writing focus on purpose, leadership, culture, and change.

Karen Reich Director of Training Programs at the Center for Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Timothy Sharpa world leader in the field of positive psychology (also known as Dr. Happy).

Wellbeing 360° will be carried out through lectures with experts in the science of wellbeing; Thematic themes are education, family, communities and personal well-being. The event can be followed online after registration.

Access will be free to the address https://wellbeing360.mx/

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