From Granada to the USA thanks to the Amancio Ortega Scholarships


After the outage imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, Scholarships from the Amancio Ortega Foundation It will again allow 400 students, 330 from outside Galicia, to attend the next academic year at institutions in the United States and Canada. One of the young beneficiaries of this international program is the student from Al Mankab, Iara Muhammad Aqil Matad. won’t be the only one Granada that crosses the pond. Students from the IES Padre Manjón in Granada, Elena Di Cesare and Cárlos Cárdenas, were also selected for this adventure.

It can be said that Elena her destiny to study abroad. Her mother, Lola Lucino, met Elena’s father when she was in Italy precisely on an exchange. “She is the daughter of the Erasmus programme,” he commented sympathetically. At home, they thought participating in the Galician Entrepreneur Scholarship Program was a good option. “We said ‘why not,'” Lola recalls, noting that her daughter is “excited” to be leaving next year for an institute in the US. “He wants to eat the world.” At home, his parents and siblings already have the “made body” from a distance, which they assume is You’ll be more likely thanks to technology.

Elena, who has a good level of English, wants to get acquainted with a new educational system, says her mother. The opportunity has come from the ambitious scholarship program launched by the Amancio Ortega Foundation, which aims to the students The fourth year of ESO and this year it has received more than 10,000 applications. Since its launch in 2010, more than 3,500 Spanish students have received scholarships, some from Granada.

Elena is not the only student in Father Mangon Institute From Granada who will pack his bags. Carlos Cardenas was also selected. His mother, Sonsoles Jiménez, notes that the young man is a boy who has always shown an interest in traveling and discovering new things. Her personality and the fact that Sonsoles herself was an exchange student led her to make the decision to apply for this scholarship. “We learned about the grant and tried it out,” Sonsoles says, noting that it was “a great pleasure” when it was decided to resume this activity after the break due to Covid-19.

His mother, Carlos, says he faced the entire selection process “very BraveryApplicants must submit documents, conduct interviews and pass stages in a complex selection. Once completed, “Carlos feels happy.” He hopes to live a full experience, which will give him a true picture of training in the United States is like the destination country in Granada.

Elena and Carlos have very active profiles. She is in her fifth year of playing the piano at the Ángel Barrios Professional Conservatory in Granada and plays volleyball in armilla. It also adds to these technical skills and a great ability to work, says his mother. For his part, Carlos, who is part of the Socut San Jorge 245 group, also practices racket tennis, surfing, swimming…and now has his sights set on American football and rugby. In the long run, “for now” is likely to direct his steps toward computer engineering.

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