From Where You Are to Columbus: Students Enjoyed Science on Day One


They started the tour with a visit to the Temaikén Biopark and then visited the National Science Museum.

The initiative, implemented by the provincial government, through the Extension Secretariat of the University of La Punta, started the fifth and final flight of the year. This time, there are 63 students from rural schools in Los Quebrachos, Chacabuco; Well Carell, Boyridon; El Milagro, San Pedro and Suyuque Nuevo, from Belgrano; Rio Quinto, from Pedernera and El Puisto, from San Martin.

Around 10:00, the group arrived at Temaikén Biopark where they began the tour and were able to admire hundreds of animal species, both indigenous and from other continents such as zebras, lemurs and meerkats. They also toured the park’s aquarium and bird sector.

“Today we saw animals, hippos, fish, dinosaurs…I want to continue learning about Buenos Aires,” said Nemeas, a student at the Suyuque School excitedly.

After lunch, the students and their teachers went to the National Museum of Natural Sciences where they were amazed by the section on dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.

“In the museum we saw dinosaurs and stuffed insects as well as animals and a library,” said Trinidad Ponce, a student from the Pozo del Carril School.

“We have high expectations with my colleagues to visit Teatro Colon,” Trinidad said.

The educational and entertaining experience will continue on Friday and Saturday, during which they will learn about the most emblematic points of the city of Buenos Aires and the tour will culminate in the historic Colon Theater.

Note, photos and videos: press ULP

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