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If you need a loan to start your business, Mexico City Government حكومة Offers different types of financing with which you can achieve your goals. Here we tell you what it is and what requirements you must meet to order it.

With the Mexico City Development Fund (Fondeso), you will be able to choose from the seven types of microcredit they offer based on your needs.

This program aims to Create, improve and strengthen your company through financial support And not financially. If you are interested in setting up or developing your company, here you can learn about the services available to you.

What are micro loans?

  • Microcredit financing for productive activities for self-employment.

The minimum is 3000 pesos and the maximum is 13,000 pesos.

  • Financing micro, small and medium enterprises

The minimum amount of this loan is 100,000 and it can go up to half a million.

  • Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs Finance

You can order from 5000 pesos to half a million.

  • Marketing Finance

The loan amount depends on your business type

  • Strategic Project Financing

The characteristics of these products will be determined for each specific case, taking into account the peculiarities of the conditions for which they were created.

  • Financing cooperative societies and cultural companies والشركات

The minimum loan amount is 25,000 and the maximum is 200,000 to 300,000 pesos.

  • Entrepreneur Financing

You can order from 25 thousand to 300 thousand pesos.

What are the requirements?

It is important to note that when addressing a different audience, depending on the type of financing, different types of documents are required.

However, here are the general requirements:

Applicants must download and fill out the following forms:

If you have doubts about which credit you should apply for, you can enter the following link and check the characteristics of each and which one suits your type of business, as well as the payment facilities.

In the same way, In this link you will be able to refer in detail to the requirements for each type financing.


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