Global Logistics Ranking: Argentina ranks 61st and highlights the shortcomings of its economy



The World Bank conducted a survey of Logistic situation of every country in the world. On the basis of this data, he developed a ranking to highlight the performance of each country.

In this sense, Argentina Ranked 61st in the world, with a rating of 2.77 on a scale of 1 to 5, and fifth in Latin America. The top performing countries in the region are Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia.

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This data corresponds to 2018, the last assessment conducted by the global entity. They noted from Cunenagro that this data puts Argentina on alert, because it is much lower than it should be, according to the country’s GDP.

In this sense, the President of Coninagro, Carlos Inezoto, said: “The potential that we have is enormous, as is the powerlessness and interdependence. Waterway Possibilities, of the bi-oceanic corridor and its connection to the freight transport and rail network.

Argentina is the country number 29 for GDP in dollars and 61 to perform logistics. They pointed out from the entity that many countries with smaller economies have better logistical performance, so Argentina is expected to offer a process more suited to its size.

The Logistics Performance Index (IDL) measures the quality of infrastructure related to trade and transport.

Latin America Ranking

  • Chile: 3,21
  • Panama: 3.13
  • Brazil: 2.93
  • Mexico: 2.85
  • Argentina: 277
  • Ecuador: 2.72
  • Colombia: 267
  • Paraguay: 2.55
  • Uruguay: 2,43
  • Peru; 2.28
  • Bolivia: 2.15
  • Venezuela: 2,10

From Koninagro they point to the exit to Pacific as a means to promote. On this issue, they explained from Cunenagro that Mendoza has become a hinge of Mercosur and Argentina’s gateway to the Pacific Ocean, giving it a comprehensive view and interaction between the various transportation systems.

Finally, Iannizzotto argued that more than 60% of the trade flow, today is related to Pacific and Mendoza are 400 km away From that port it connects geographically, which requires a strategic look.

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