Get a Pearl Ticket for the World Handball Championship – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Get a Pearl Ticket for the World Handball Championship – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Chihuahuan Perla Fernández Hidalgo scored 4 goals in the Grand Final victory of the NorCa selective tournament to guide the national handball team, not only for the title, but also for a ticket to the World Cup of Specialization in the 202-2003 category.

Perla, a student at Ouch University where she is doing her undergraduate studies in physical education, responded to the call of the Mexican Handball Federation to join, first, the preparations with the rest of those called, and then compete in the process. A selective World Cup, meeting the expectations of the coaching staff.

“I am happy with the pass to the World Cup in Slovenia”: Al-Riyadhiyya commented on her participation. “To continue working hard to prepare for the next competition and to put the name of Mexico at the forefront.” “The final was very contentious and we were fighting every moment to win the match.”

During the selective event, the Mexican national team achieved 3 victories in the preliminary round, defeating Puerto Rico with 54 goals against 15, then it dominated the United States with 26 goals against 14 goals and beat Canada with 31 goals against 17. According to the competition. In the figure, the final was held against the North American team, which they were defeated in a close match by 30 goals to 29 goals, with Perla contributing 4 goals in this decisive match.


Chihuahuan scored 4 goals in the final, helping to win and pass the 2022 Handball World Cup

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