Giant cat wheel for exercise, seen at MWC 21


If you want your cat to run several meters a day, get off the couch and regain strength in no time, take a look at this solution that comes from Korea.

It’s about extension B612 Cat Planet, from Little Cat Company, a giant wheel I saw at MWC 21 that allows an LED light to be projected inside a spinning wheel so that the cat chases it relentlessly.

I explain the idea in detail in this video:

As you can see, her work is quite interesting. From the phone we tell him where we want the LED light to appear. If we put it too high, the cat will have to run more to reach it, and if we put it too low, it will just be a walk. The respective light color can change, also from the mobile phone, and reports are generated at all times indicating the distance traveled.

In the app, we can record the pet’s name, date of birth and BCS (Body Condition Score), and connect via bluetooth to the wheel that we will install at home. The wheel width is 300mm, so there is no danger of the lever falling off during exercise. The total wheel diameter is 1.23 meters, and the height of the device including the foot is 1.3 meters.

About the material, they use high quality nylon. There are three layers, all of which contain materials that ensure that they do not harm the health of the cat or human. They also took care of the noise, minimizing it so that it would not be a nuisance.

They told me at the podium that they had not yet entered Europe, but were about to do so. At the moment, they sell for $1800 in several countries, so if you’re interested, it’s best to save space in the house and leave it.

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