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Changing society begins with education, which is an essential pillar for a better future for generations, especially our children, where teachers are the great architects, who teach their students to give the best to Guatemala, as well as to be good men and women.

Convinced of this, the government of President Alejandro Giamatti has given priority to education as one of the engines of development, for which social programs have been strengthened in view of better training of students in the public sector, however, none of these efforts would have been possible without dedicated teachers and professionals, overcoming day by day over obstacles in order to bring the bread of knowledge to a remote school, village or community in the interior of the country.

Thanks to them and the efforts of government, private initiative and the international community, quality education has continued during the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to teaching and learning strategies promoted in a virtual, face-to-face manner.

The ambiguity of work and the commitment of teachers with their students have overcome barriers, even in the most difficult moments, as educational materials prepared by the Ministry of Education (Mineduc) and technology through virtual classes and the program I’m learning at home, as support so that children and adolescents do not stop receiving daily education.

Thanks to the profession and passion of teachers, who are often considered the second father, generations of Guatemalans have filled the country of Eternal Spring with pride, and these teaching professionals have brought major challenges and successes to different generations.

This example of dedication and innovation was recognized in previous years by handing out the 100-point Teacher Prize, thanks to the ingenuity of these teachers who never left their students and brought the bread of knowledge into the homes of children.

The French writer Victor Hugo once said: “The future is in the hands of the schoolteachers.” On June 25, Teacher’s Day, in honor of Guatemalan teachers, who, far from fearing adversity, were able to find new ways of learning. Together for better education!

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