Google has a job interview coach that records and analyzes your answers

Google has a job interview coach that records and analyzes your answers


With its own artificial intelligence, Google Interview Coach can analyze the words you use often in your answers and determine your skills and experience.

The Google Always on top Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your appsbeing one of the most prominent Google Photoswhere you can thanks to this technology Enhance your photos in seconds.

In this sense, the American giant has now used artificial intelligence Create a job interview coach who records and analyzes your responses.

Google launched an interview coach that allows you to practice job interview answers

This is the “interview warm-up” or Google interview coach

As part of its Grow with Google and Career Certificates initiatives, the Mountain View-based company has launched a website called friendly interview through which you can Practice answering questions asked in a job interview.

“This tool makes it easy for anyone to practice answering interview questions, so they can become more confident and comfortable in the interview process.”

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, this website is able to Transcribe your answers in real time and learn a series of patterns in them Like “most frequently used words” or “talking points”:

  • Most Used Words – This feature of Google Interview Trainer will highlight the words you use I’ve used three or more times in one answer I will recommend to you Similar words that you can use instead
  • Talking Points – This function uses machine learning Determine, based on your answers, your skills, experience and lessons learned.

“Your answers are not rated or judged, and you can answer questions as many times as you want. It’s your space to practice, prepare, and rest.”

This coach is a Google interview Supports 6 different types of work So that the questions asked by the default interlocutor are Be as realistic as possible:

  • data analysis
  • E-Commerce
  • Informational support
  • Project management
  • UX Design
  • public
Google has launched an AI that can summarize a document for you: This is how it works

This new interview training tool from Google Available in Google Chrome For Windows, Mac and Android And in Safari for iOS.

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