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This week Google Maps announced its new “Green” project that will try to reduce pollutant emissions on the road and will also help us save fuel.

The company has announced that the initiative, which has already been launched in the United States, will reach Europe from 2022. Its goal is to reduce pollution in cities, so it will stop recommending the fastest route as it has so far and will do so. Continue to prioritize the most effective path.

According to Google, each year the project will avoid more than one million tons of carbon emissions, which is equivalent to eliminating 200,000 vehicles from the road.

fuel saving

The application will study Map the terrain, traffic, traffic lights, vehicle type or fuel consumption among others. Apart from contributing to the climate crisis causing pollution in urban centers, it will also allow you to save on fuel consumption.

But this does not mean that it will take longer to reach the destinations, because despite the company’s new commitment, the user will be able to continue to choose between the “shortest route” or “fastest route” options, in addition to the usual options that were available until now.

However, this is a slight change, and from Google Maps they confirmed that the driver wouldn’t appreciate it much. For example, if our usual route takes 30 minutes, but there is a more efficient route that takes 32 minutes, then the application will choose the latter by default; The difference: two minutes.

Google Flights is an absolute service

Google’s service that finds and book flights online has also made a commitment to cutting emissions and has committed to climate change. Google Flights will provide users with information about pollutant emissions for each seat, that is, it will allow them to choose between different flights based on the emissions they emit.

This tool is already available worldwide as of Wednesday and demonstrates the company’s commitment to the environment.

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