Grinch ask his neighbor to turn off the Christmas lights or fine him


The neighborhood council sent a Christmas homeowner a warning letter mentioning an economic fine

  • By: Patricia Hernandez Aguero
  • November 27, 2021 15:30

For many people, the season of Christmas is the best season of the year as it includes decorations, lights, gifts and family union, among other concepts according to each religion.

However, as in “The Grinch”, there is no shortage of people who not only enjoy this time of year, but also “destroy” it.
This is the case for a family in Florida who received a warning letter to stop them its lights Christmas or they will be credited to Fine Economical $100 a day.
Michael Moffa couldn’t believe what he was reading when he received a letter from his neighborhood council.
In a letter from the Westchase Community Association, he says his family can receive Fine From $100 a day to $1,000 if it isn’t stopped Lights Christmas decorations that decorate her house.
The man from Tampa, Florida said it hired a company to put it Lights At home in a professional way, he explained that in previous years they had a full schedule and this year they only had November 6, the day he chose to run Lights in his home.

According to Moffa, the claim is related to operation Lights in early time.

“They say it’s so early, but what’s so early? We like to decorate early inside and out. It’s the best time of the year,” said the homeowner.

For his part, Jonathan Ellis, a lawyer for the Westchase Community Association, explained that the regulation on the use of Lights, is to prevent neighbors from keeping Lights It is lit all year round and to avoid complaints among residents.

The litigant said the board has yet to determine whether or not Moffa will be fined, pending his response.

However, Michael Mova made it clear that he would not back down Lights The Christmas that he ordered to put up for the happiness of his children.

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