Sheinbaum asks CDMX not to be disturbed by the omicron variant


Prime Minister of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, Residents are asked not to be upset Because of omicron variable So that they know what they are doing, and make sure that they work in coordination with Minister of Health in the Government of Mexico To reveal it in the country’s capital.

After the installation of the security cabinet in Quajimalpa, Sheinbaum Pardo explained that the capital’s Ministry of Health complies with Epidemiological review at Mexico City International Airport (CDMX) who have strengthened their detection procedures Omicron alternative to Covid-19.

“We are responsible for the epidemiological review at the airport, the Ministry of Health is carrying out a strengthening, but above all in coordination with the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico, they are the ones doing the analysis,” he said. He said.

They are investigating the mutation of the virus

He noted that the Mexico City government has an agreement with the Institute for Genetic Research, which is conducting research related to in particular Virus mutations “And from there we can see if there is such an alternative in Mexico City.”

He added: “So far there is no alert in this regard and it must also be said that there is still research at the international level on this alternative that was found in South Africa and the effect of the vaccine or if the vaccine also covers this” alternative, at the moment. It is to follow up and not get a big warning until we know exactly what the terms of that alternative are.”

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