Guatemalan footballers who were heroes in the United States


Carlos Ruiz and Guillermo Ramirez lift the MLS Cup, but there are Guatemalans who celebrate other championships in the US

football players Carlos Ruiz’s photo And Guillermo Ramirez They were the main favorites for Guatemala in Major League Soccer by lifting the MLS Cup title with LA Galaxy and by chance, they scored goals in overtime that ended up awarding the championship to LA Galaxy.

Specifically, November 13 this year marks 16 years of solemn identification that has been Guillermo ‘El Pando’ Ramirez Against the New England Revolution in 2005 to win the second title in LA Galaxy history. in 2002, Carlos Ruiz’s photo I faced a similar scenario for the team’s first MLS title.

However, the two Guatemalan footballers were not the only champions in the United States, there are also more players who have achieved other titles with their American clubs. thus, ESPN Digital Displays the number below:

Carlos Ruiz – MLS Cup 2002 y Fans Shield

On October 20, 19 years have passed since his goal Carlos Ruiz “The Fish” against New England Revolution at Gillette Stadium in front of more than 60,000 spectators. This was his fourth final match The Los Angeles Galaxy celebrated their first Major League Soccer title.

It was a definition in the 112th minute that also earned Carlos Ruiz being recognized as the best player in the MLS Cup in 2002. This was his first season of ‘El Pescado’ with the team and he reached 24 goals for recognition. MLS as an MVP.

in the same season, Carlos Ruiz’s photo As he was a hero Ansar shieldConverting the winning goal with a penalty kick to beat San Jose Earthquakes 1-0.

Guillermo Ramirez – 2005 MLS Cup

The former Guatemalan soccer player was the protagonist in MLS Cup 2005 By converting the winning goal for the Los Angeles Galaxy against New England Revolution and thus achieving the team’s second title in Major League Soccer. “El Pando” is also known as Best player in the final.

The scene of this feat was Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, Texas. It was the 107th minute when Ramirez took advantage of a rebound from a corner kick by Landon Donovan to convert the decisive goal.

Freddy Garcia – Lamar Hunt Cup 2002

During the 2002 season, the midfielder Freddy Alexander Garcia He was a member of the Columbus Crew team in Ohio. He spent two seasons with the team, participated in 27 games for 1490 minutes and scored the title goal in the Lamar Hunt Cup Final against Los Angeles Galaxy.

It was 29 minutes when Freddy Garcia Capitalizing on the opposing goalkeeper’s poor playoffs after a central pass down the right wing and at the height of the penalty mark, Garcia finished off with his left foot to make it 1-0 in which Columbus Crew celebrated the title.

Marco Papa – Shield of Supporters & Copa Lamar Hunt 2014

After going through Europe with SC Heerenveen, Marco Pablo Papa He returned in 2014 to play in the MLS with the Seattle Sounders. The team where he managed to be champion in two different tournaments: Cuba Lamar Hunt And Ansar shield .

The first title was against the Philadelphia Union, where the Seattle Sounders won 3-1, while in their supporters’ shield they defeated the LA Galaxy. A year later, Marco Papa left the ranks of the Seattle Sounders and defended the colors of the Colorado Rapids.

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