Guinness World Records: Tobeketh, Chihuahua, oldest dog in the world

Guinness World Records: Tobeketh, Chihuahua, oldest dog in the world

Twenty-one years and three months is the life of the world’s oldest dog A Florida Chihuahua (United States of America) namedTobeketh‘, according to the testimony of Guinness Book of Recordsyes

Tobekethname from Inspired by country music singerborn January 9, 2001 and adopted by Gisela Schur when he was a few months old.

In comments retweeted this Wednesday by Florida media, Shore said of Tobeketh, whom he described as his “little bodyguard,” he’s “kind, gentle, and affectionate.”

The woman, who lives with her long-living pet in Greenacres (Florida), about 90 kilometers from Miami, learned 20 years ago that an elderly couple had a puppy a few months old and that they wanted to give up for adoption because they couldn’t. Continue to take care of him.

He called the owners of the puppy, who was then called Peanut Butter, and decided to adopt him.

Over the past two decades, Shore has cared for more than 150 puppies and dogs cared for by Peggy Adams Animal Rescue, where she volunteers.

When Tobeketh turned 20Shore thought his pet could be the biggest dog in the world and went to Guinness Book of Records, Organization approved on March 16, 2022, Although it is now well known, it really is.

The record was set with an age of 21 years and 66 days.

According to Shore, the news filled her and her friends with happiness, and to celebrate, Tobeketh I got a shower, a manicure, and a ride in the car.

The The oldest dog in the world He lives in a Shore house with a 7-year-old American Bulldog named Luna and with three-year-old Lala, a non-breed dog.

Toby Keith loves to lie in the sun and sleep most of the day, but before that he enjoyed taking long walks and playing games.

“I love admitting knowing that he lived a long, healthy life with me. We love him so much, and achieving this record is a testament to the loving home we gave him. Tobeketh It is a great blessing. “I am so lucky to still have one in my life,” said the owner of the oldest dog in the world.


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