A Guatemalan business girl who speaks eight languages, and has spread very quickly

A Guatemalan business girl who speaks eight languages, and has spread very quickly
Guatemalan girl eight languages
Noelia Maria conquers the Internet and speaks eight languages. Photo: screenshot / Araya vlog

a merchant girl from Guatemala Spread quickly to speak eight languages; The young woman sells her sweets for tourists. Noelia María Asig Pop surprised the internet with this weird way of working.

The girl became known because of the YouTube video Araya’s Blogwho was in Semuc Champey, in Guatemala, Although the clip was about his travel experience, the young man met the commercial girl and did not hesitate to meet her.

Noelia Maria the girl who speaks eight languages

video Guatemalan girl Araya himself in Social mediawhich she decided to share with her followers so they could get to know her, and now she’s on the go around the world.

Among the languages ​​that Maria speaks:

  • Spanish
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • German
  • French

During the short interview that appears in the video, the young woman explained to Araya Vlogs that she has learned these languages ​​because many tourists visit the place. He also indicated that he has 11 years old your products in that area.

She calls herself “I am the young woman or batuja who speaks 8 languages”and YouTube made her known as the multilingual girl from Guatemala, even though she is already 16 year old teenager.

It is worth noting that the Internet already knew her, because in 2018 she was known, at that time she was already selling sweets in different languages, and now thanks to a video YoutubeThe virus spread again.

Araya Vlogs is an influencer who uploads videos, photos and more to his accounts on multiple social networks, revealing his life as a traveler, just as he does Luisito . communicates.

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