Boris Johnson apologizes for Downing Street concerts

Boris Johnson apologizes for Downing Street concerts

The first British Minister Boris Johnsonrepeat before Parliament they apologies by a celebration from Concerts at Downing Streetthe seat of the Prime Minister, which violated Antiviral rules, which were punished by the police.

“On April 12, I received a fine related to It happened at Downing Street On June 19, 2020. Paid penalty fee I immediately offered the British people a full apology and took this opportunity in the first available (parliamentary) session to reiterate my sincere apologies to the House of Commons.” Boris Johnson.

Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer urgedquitFor the prime minister, who also had to listen to criticism from his ranks from the Conservatives.

Although Johnson’s intervention was supposed to remedy the situation in UkraineHis words were received by the opposition council among cries of “resignation” and the prime minister opened his speech by repeating the apologies he had already requested in a videotape a week ago, when his sentence was broadcast.

After admitting it conscious Of the “pain and anger” the parties have created among citizens, he insists he never thought being at a birthday celebration in a Downing Street room could break his social distancing rules. executive may impose.

“It was my fault and I apologize for it without reservation,” he added. Johnson.

Despite this, Starmer called it a “joke.” Explanations He was introduced by the Prime Minister, who accused him of being “dishonest”, for which he was reprimanded by the Prime Minister. low camera.

For Labour, it will never be a ‘half apology’ Enough To compensate those who were unable to personally say goodbye to their loved ones during pandemic.

The deputies were called “conservatives” who enjoyed a loose Parliamentary majority, “to put their country and their conscience first and remove the prime minister from office.”

In fact, one of the most prominent Conservative parliamentarians, Mark Harper, ad Publicly that he is withdrawing confidence in Johnson and that he is sending a letter asking the “Conservatives” to vote for him the classroom.

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