What countries have the most lithium in the world? So the world ranking

What countries have the most lithium in the world?  So the world ranking

Lithium, for several months, this substance has become one of the most sought and in demand in the whole world, due to its importance in the development of electric batteries.

The fact is that not all countries have this substance, only a handful of countries can boast of having large reserves of lithium.

The six countries with the largest reserves of lithiumBolivia

Studies conducted in Bolivia indicate that the country has the largest reserves of lithium in the world, approximately 21 million tons.


Argentina is another lithium producer, ranking fourth in the world in production and second in reserves.

It is estimated that 19.3 million tons of material is used in batteries.

Chili pepper

According to various estimates, Chile has the largest reserves of lithium and this makes it one of the largest exporters worldwide.

It is estimated that there are about 9,200,000 metric tons of material.

United State

Although lithium production in the United States is relatively low, the country’s reserves are estimated at 7.9 million tons, according to data from the US Geological Survey.


The second country with the highest number of lithium is Australia.

According to expert estimates, Australia has about 2,800,000 metric tons of lithium.

In this country there is an active production of lithium and in 2019 it was the largest producer of this substance.


The “Asian giant” has large reserves of lithium, despite this, the Chinese government is pursuing a policy of importing Australian materials.

And it is that only a few years ago lithium gained a very great importance in the development of batteries, especially batteries for electric cars.

lithium triangle

This is the category that includes a region consisting of Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia, and the South American countries with the largest reserves of lithium.

In fact, these three countries have measures for mineral exploration.

Does Mexico have lithium?

Faced with the so-called “white gold” fever, many people are wondering if Mexico has reserves of lithium.

According to the Department of Energy, Mexico is among the 10 countries with potential lithium reserves.

According to the agency, Mexico holds 2% of the world’s reserves of lithium worldwide.

Baja California, San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas and Sonora are some of the states where the presence of lithium is being studied.


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