American Justice Weighs Its Appeal to Save the Transfer Mask Mandate

American Justice Weighs Its Appeal to Save the Transfer Mask Mandate

The Department of Justice from United State This Tuesday, she announced that she would wait to receive further instructions from health authorities To decide whether to appeal a judicial failure Who canceled the pickup? face mask In the public transportation from the state.

at releaseThe Department of Justice He said he would only appeal a federal judge’s decision from Florida yes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concluded that the mandate to do face mask On planes, trains, buses and other public transportation ‘essential to Public Health“.

This Monday judge Katherine Kimble MaizelNominated by the former president Donald Trump to a federal court in Tampa (Florida), deemed the CDC “exceeding its legal authority” by mandating the use of masks.

As a result, the authorities and airlines United State Immediately stop requiring face masks to be worn on planes and other public transportation, as well as at airports and stations.

The Center for Disease Control Continuing to recommend “that people continue to carry it masks indoor-related spaces such as public transportation,” but they can no longer force it, according to White House.

This public health agency extended on April 13 and for another two weeks, until May 3, the mandatory use of masks in all public transport networks, due to the re-emergence of the covid-19 epidemic caused by BA.2.

The Department of Justice He clarified Tuesday that he disagrees with the Florida judge’s decision and that the CDC did not agree with it, but he ruled out an immediate appeal to try to get a higher court to restore the mask mandate.

on the other side Department of Justice He said he would wait until the CDC had completed an “assessment” it was doing “of current public health conditions” before appealing.

When they extended the mask mandate until May 3, the CDC made it clear that they needed that time to see if this was still important to contain the epidemic in the country, and that if they concluded it was no longer necessary, they would end it after that term.

The Department of Justice has indicated that if, following this development, the CDC concludes that the mandatory order is still necessary for public health, the US government will “appeal” the Florida judge’s decision.

He added that he views this authorization as “a correct exercise of the authority Congress has given the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to protect public health,” but left the possibility of fighting to save the mandate in the hands of that agency.

Some proponents of the mask mandate have warned that appealing a judge’s decision could backfire, because higher courts have conservative majorities and can issue rulings that restrict judges’ power. Center for Disease Control In the future.

“It’s tempting to appeal, because this decision is absurd, but we have to preserve the ability of the CDC to act in the event of significant outbreaks in the fall or winter,” said the former White House adviser on COVID-19. Andy Slavett daily The New York Times.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, this Tuesday avoided talk of a possible appeal of the ruling, saying only that travelers should decide whether or not to wear masks on public transportation.

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