Carlos Laureate de Mola: The worst strategist

Carlos Laureate de Mola: The worst strategist

He began a six-year term with a majority in Congress. He achieved constitutional changes with an opposition vote. Today, Congress is damming opposition fueled by the president himself. At the point of grievances, insults, and slanders, he managed to get his rival parties to unite to confront him in Congress and reject his counter-energy reforms.

He had the opportunity to turn the CRP on his side. He chose to insult and threaten him until the CRP got tired of it and sided with the opposition. The MC wanted to play the hinge and did not want to join the opposition alliance PAN-PRI-PRD. Today they are closer than ever, and they speak of the year 2024. PAN has been billed. The president preferred to seek Anaya’s arrest and lobby for Calderon to have no political party. Today, the PAN factions have reconciled and allied against him.

He had the Supreme Court in the bag. He forced a minister to resign and caught the attention of all of them. But he despised and insulted them and pressured them to violate the constitution. The ministers turned to him. Today, even those who nominated him are not loyal to him and he celebrates his historic victories as he got 4 votes out of 11.

He had everything to have a wonderful relationship with INE. The institute had organized the elections that gave it victory. Today, even advisers nominated by Morena put their distance from the president’s authoritarian bluntness, and the INE is assuming a counterweight to AMLO’s anti-democratic moves.

The same with the Federal Electoral Court. I subjugated him and controlled him. The judges, tired of slander, chose to rebel and claim their independence. The president lost control of that body.

Entrepreneurs are tired of reaching out and searching for common ground. Over and over again he despised and insulted them. Results? Investment in the country is stagnant and so is the economy. No more jobs, no better wages.

Not to mention the United States. They turned a blind eye until the operator’s grievances overwhelmed their patience.

It has been exposed to most of the media. Criticism appears today where it was not there before. Cut off with the journalists associated with them. The abuse of power against personal correspondents has unleashed a previously unthinkable solidarity, and the union has come together to demand a halt to the killing of colleagues.

Two years ago, the talk was about whether Lopez Obrador would be re-elected. The talk today is that he has already lost control of his succession.

It reminds me of what was said about the dictator Vladimir Putin after his invasion of Ukraine: He is such a bad strategist that he brought together the countries of Europe that were at odds, united American Republicans and Democrats who hated each other, strengthened a NATO that no longer served at all, and bolstered the global leadership of his archenemy, the United States. The United States, politically and financially isolated, generated a major economic crisis in Russia. Of course: Putin assumes his popularity has risen to 82%.

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