Variant XE: How long do symptoms of the new Covid strain last?

Variant XE: How long do symptoms of the new Covid strain last?

Andvirus SARS-Cove-2 What causes disease? COVID-19 mutated again. The World Health Organization (WHO) Follow closely New XE variantwhich we will tell you everything we know so far.

What is the new XE variant?

The Variant XE originated from a mixture The Omicron variant and its sublinejae, Silent Omicron BA.2.

Is it more contagious than omicron?

That’s how it is. The XE variant is more contagious than Omicron And all variants discovered so far, are 10% more transmissible.

What are the first symptoms that appear after infection?

The sign of illness They are the same as Omicron. Fever, cough, runny nose, fatigue and headache.

How long do symptoms of the Covid XE variant last?

duration of symptoms Similar to Omicron. It obviously depends on the vaccination, age and general health of the patient but in general, Do not exceed a week.

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