A woman offered a college on Facebook for $20,000; Already arrested

A woman offered a college on Facebook for $20,000;  Already arrested

“15-year-old college girl in perfect condition”, the show was in the shopfrom Facebook. Behind this letter was Mariles del Carmen.

The woman, originally from the state of Portuguesa in Venezuela, asked for $20,000 to purchase an organ.

According to the publication details, he offered the college because he “wanted to become independent” and provide “a better life for his brothers”.

The supposed kidney seller warned that she would not use the money to “buy stupid things like clothes and shoes”.

He explained that he intended to buy a house with the money he received from the sale of the kidneys, and specified that “there would be no legal problem”, because he had “obtained permission from his representatives.”

The Venezuelan authorities were warned of what could be an organ smuggling network: upon learning of the case, an investigation was opened that made it possible to locate and arrest Mariles del Carmen.

One of the people who made this kind of offer has been located and the content of the post can be checked on his phone,” Venezuelan Prosecutor Tarek William Saab stated via his Twitter account.

The authorities stated that after her arrest, the woman would be charged with “donating for profit”.


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