H&M employee displays lice infestations on clothes in photos; The company is closing the store


After the young woman posted pictures of lice on a shelf full of sweaters, the company was forced to close the store in New York City.

Saltillo, Jan. 6 (Vanguardia) – Employee at A Clothing store Revealed through social networks the clothes that have been sold they had lice. The events took place on December 29, 2021 in A H&M From New York, United States.

“I work in H&M and Oculus, global trade [Nueva York] Today, a customer discovered Lice on a shelf of sweatshirts with a hoodie. They will not close the store or notify employees of the problem. The department has simply been banned,” he announced on Twitter.

However, in the subsequent days it was announced that the shop would be closed due to unsanitary conditions.

Although it received various reactions in the post thread, users also started to inquire what kind of bug it was, but without a doubt, they seemed to be lice more often.

The employee, for her part, silenced the replies to calm the atmosphere that was beginning to tense, and in the same way, she reported that she had resigned from the store, but was not fired as many wondered.

“Thank you to those who cared about me and my job loss. My last day will be Friday (I’m quitting because I hate there). (…) I apologize to the store manager because I didn’t think the tweet would go that far. I just got upset because it was being treated as Small problem and it wasn’t her fault, it’s the company,” she suggested.

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