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The It is a traditional festival in And also It became a habit that, over time, was adopted for all residents of the country close to the United States. That is, although both celebrations come from different cultures, they both unite the wonderful with the earth and have been recognized internationally.

The word Halloween dates back to approximately 1745, but its origin goes back several centuries, before Christ, as it is a Celtic tradition celebrated before and after in their calendar with a festival called Samhain.

Halloween celebration day

Halloween, also known as Halloween, is celebrated on the night of Sunday, October 31 in Mexico. During this day, as in the United States and various Latin American countries, children take to the streets disguised as terrifying beings to order sweets.

Traditional Halloween is not a date focused on minors, since there are many adults who also dress up and throw parties or contests with family or friends. It should be noted that Halloween is not a Mexican party, however it is very important in our country due to its proximity to the United States.

Do people dress up for Halloween?

The company also revealed that in 2021, searches increased by 113% compared to last year, a year when not many Halloween-related festivities took place due to the pandemic.

If you still do not know what your costume will be on the next “Halloween”, Halloween, below you will find the clothes that will definitely become the most popular of this season.

  • squid game
  • Doctor Fish
  • Cruella de Vil
  • loki
  • Infallible T-Rex Dinosaur
  • selena

The origin of the pumpkin for Halloween

This tradition was born in the 19th century with the legend of Jack Ollantern, who was a man who could not go to heaven or hell, having to walk the earth with coals from hell to light his lantern. Although it is not a Mexican tradition, it has been adopted by the residents and usually celebrated with a masquerade party.

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