He arrived in the United States and at immigration they took his visa for a reason he didn’t understand: “I’m coming on vacation.”

He arrived in the United States and at immigration they took his visa for a reason he didn’t understand: “I’m coming on vacation.”

There is always a risk that aliens will have their US visa withdrawn if their situation appears suspicious to any of the immigration officials, who screen travelers at the border. fairly Such was the case for Marian Gastelum, a young Mexican woman who was traveling to Seattle, Washington, on vacation.but when he entered the North American country, things went well. They took her visa and deported her to her country. He never imagined that a leisure trip would become the worst nightmare of his life.

The young woman shared on her TikTok account, @mariangasdiazThe horrible tale he lived a few weeks ago at the airport. I planned to go on vacation to the United States for a month.even he had already purchased a round trip, so he set off to get to Seattle, but an immigration official prevented him from getting there.

A tiktoker user explained why her US visa was withdrawn

The Mexican had worked a few years ago as an ice pair, so at that time he had a work visa and lived for some time in that country. In 2020, that visa expired, so he processed one again, but now as a tourist, as he was planning to travel to Washington for Staying for a month at a friend’s house.

When he arrived at the airport, The immigration agent interrogated her about her trip He asked him about some aspects that he deems necessary: ​​with whom he will stay and what he will do in the country. She said in her video that she answered with the truth, but the officer hasn’t thought about the same since then I considered it suspicious and moved it for review.

The authority took her to different offices to further question her about her vacations, but everything took on a more intense tone when They took his belongings: Your baggage, documents and phone have been left in the hands of immigration officials. Later, a woman on the staff of that office returned her cell phone to continue the investigation: “She gave me my cell phone and told me ‘Show me the phone number of whoever you’re staying with’… I showed her the cell phone and said to me, if it was ok, we marked it.”

One tiktoker user said why did they take her US visa

finally The policewoman told Marianne that she was a suspicious passenger, since she is still in touch with some of her colleagues who were part of the au pair on her phone. They did not let her into Seattle and even stripped her of her visa, believing that she wanted to travel to settle down and return to work as a nanny.

Little Explain to them that it was all just a misunderstanding. And that she bought her ticket to go back to Mexico, but all her attempts were unsuccessful. They ended up removing her visa and taking her on the flight back to her hometown. She came home scared, sad, and with broken dreams. The only good thing is that the whole time her belongings were confiscated she was not able to communicate with her family.

The Mexican said that until now she does not know the reason for her cancellation, because she has always been telling the truth. However, his story became so viral that hundreds of tiktokers users commented on his video and came to some conclusions: among them is the idea that Perhaps the officials considered the family he was staying with as the new family host familyas Americans who live in nannies are called.

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