Grace Ortega crossed the US border illegally and her children will be detained in a shelter

Grace Ortega crossed the US border illegally and her children will be detained in a shelter
Gracie Ortega managed to cross the American border. (Photo: Instagram)

After being stranded in Cancun for a week, Gracie Ortega Crossed the border again United State Illegally. The former Colombian model this time has not been interfered with by the authorities and is already in the North American country alongside her three children.

However, not everything will be happiness, because according to a report from love and fireThe minors will be in a shelter, but they have not specified whether they are next to or separated from their mother.

It is worth noting that a day ago Melina Zarate He told his followers Instagram That her sister managed to cross the border with her young children, so she was deeply touched to learn that her family was fine after a three-day interruption in communication.

Three days later they arrived safely … I just spoke to my sister and she is fine, the children are fine, they are well protected, they are fine, thank God“, He said.

Also, according to the Colombian singer, her sister Gracie Ortega Still unable to meet her husband Italo Vilasicawho in May of this year traveled to the United States to search for a better future for her children, as she was unable to find work in Peru.

Let’s remember that a few days ago the former dancer commented that the thing that drove her to go to the North American country was her missing the father of her children, as well as the fact that her young ones were constantly consulting her for him.

According to Amor y Fuego, the children of Greissy Ortega will be in a shelter in the United States after crossing the border illegally.

The same Gracie Ortega calculated for love and fire She became severely depressed after her separation from her husband, as she remained without food for a month, in addition to crying almost daily.

i was going crazy i went a month without eating i didnt sleep i just cried i think my face says it all it was awful i was a zombie walking i was there like crazyThe Colombian said of her situation.

She also confirmed that this difficult moment that she experienced caused her to lose up to 45 kilograms and run out of milk, so she could no longer breastfeed her daughter who had just given birth.

At another time, the Colombian noted that her economic situation in Peru was so bad that she could not feed her children. “Everything went up, I didn’t have enough money, I have three mouths to feed, my daughter asks for diapers, milk, everything, so it was hard and I said “no more”“, pointed out.

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