He finished Pumas 7’s unbeaten on the first day at Dubai Sevens


Pumas 7’s is participating in Dubai Seven, In the face of what will be Tokyo Olympics 2021. The Argentine team is part of the red group with Canada, Japan and Uganda, While they will be in the blue group Spain, Chile, France and Kenya.

The debut for Albiceleste was with a smile at dawn on Friday from 3.58 for Argentina against Uganda. The team, led by Santiago Gómez Cora, won by 38 to 14. Then the second match came with a new victory. Against Japan 31-14, While the last match of the day ended with a victory over 24-14 Canada. Now they will go on Saturday against Chile in the quarter-finals of the competition.

The team led by Santiago Gómez Cora, another champion of two tournaments in Madrid, will also be present at the second tournament in Dubai, which will be held between April 8 and 9.

Winning Los Pumas 7’s Dubai Premiere To hit comfortably Uganda But then they had to try harder He beat Japan 14-14 On the first day of the 7 Emirates call in Dubai. In the last game of the day, the Albicelestes will face Canada.

The first day started with a massive win over Uganda, one of the weakest competitors his team must face Santiago Gomez Cora. Victory was a 38-14 attempt Matias Osadchuk, Franco Sabato, Fernando Luna, Rodrigo Echart, Lautaro Bazan Felice and Santiago Alvarez.

Then came the match against Japan with another victory, in this case a margin of 31.14. They got to the Japanese language Marcus Monetta (x2), Matthias Osadchuk and Ignacio Mendy. Now you must face Pumas 7’s Canada to determine the winner of the group.

In the third and decisive match this afternoon in Dubai, Argentina He beat a difficult team from Canada 26-14 That raised him in a hit match after another. The Argentine attempts came Lotaro Bazan Felice, Marcus Monetta, Igno Mendy and Matthias Osadchuk.

The tournament will continue tomorrow Saturday Los Pumas 7 will continue their way to the championship title Against Chile Which lost today to Kenya 39-7, Spain 19-12 and France 38-5.

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