He is an Argentine living in the US and was surprised to reveal how he managed it without knowing a “word” of English.

He is an Argentine living in the US and was surprised to reveal how he managed it without knowing a “word” of English.

Severino lived in the United States for two and a half years He usually spends a lot of time sharing what his life there was like on TikTok. One of the most frequently asked questions concerns the English language, and whether speaking it fluently is an exclusive requirement for residency in the United States.

In his account, the young man was surprised by recounting his own experience, because, as he revealed, he did not know “a single word” in the English language and today he lives comfortably. In Miami, a city, of course, with a large Latino predominance.

As he revealed, to this day he does not speak this language perfectly, but at least he can communicate with others. In their view, language proficiency is not necessary, but important: “Here in Miami (where he lives) 90% of people are Latino, so We all speak Spanish‘, he mentioned in his account @severinobivot.

This happens if you don’t know English in the US, according to a Tiktoker speaker

tiktoker said maybe In many situations it is not necessary to understand the language, but this varies depending on the mentality with which the foreigner arrives in the United States. If the target is English, the priority should be: “It all depends on your effort and desire,” he explained to users.

In this sense, he recounted his own experience: “When I arrived two and a half years ago I didn’t know a single word because I was learning French in high school, It happened to many of us in Argentina,” he recounted and promptly recalled his recipe: “Once I arrived, what I was doing the whole time was translating every word I heard. Then he continued: “Wherever I worked, I translated and learned. Every day I set my goal to learn five new words at least “.

The Argentine urged his entire virtual community to be bold and fearlessBecause it is very common for foreigners who don’t know a language shrink back in shameao fear of judgment. From his point of view, nothing is impossible.

for him, The secret is to put effort into everything that is done while living on American soil. Not only in terms of language, but also in terms of activities such as Learn new professions in order to get job offers more easily. The creator added that starting from scratch in another country is never easy, but “it all depends on the desire you have to learn and the desire to progress.”

For tiktoker, everything is possible and learning English is within the conviction of every person@Severinopivot / TikTok

After confirming it Moving to the United States was the best thing he could do Having advised his followers to follow suit, they responded and thanked him for the information.

Some asked him about daily life in his new home and others recounted their own experiences with the English language. “I’ve lived here for 16 years, I understand and talk a little but work and I understand myself. if possible”One user told him, while another described his contribution frankly: Best video.

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