Heavy rains in 80 years left 7 dead in South Korea

The rainy The strongest of the past 80 years has left seven dead and six missing flood and surrounding areas as well as floods vehiclesAnd homes and metro stations, as I reported on Tuesday before Local authorities.

different parts of the south floodport city Incheon province Gyeonggithat surrounds the capital, witnessed heavy rain that exceeded 100 mm per hour on Monday night, and reached 141 mm in the area Donjacksouth of Seoul, has had the heaviest rainfall since 1942.

According to information collected by local media such as Korea HeraldIn the Guanac neighborhood, also south of the capital, three people were killed, a 12-year-old teenager and two adults in their forties, who would have been trapped in an apartment located on the ground floor.

A man in his 60s died while clearing trees that fell in a storm, another died after his home was flooded, a sixth, when a bus stop collapsed, and a seventh, by a landslide.

Public transport was also suspended on Monday night when many stations and roads were inundated, although services were back to normal on Tuesday morning with minor outages on several lines.

The South Korean Meteorological Agency (KMA) also forecast rain on Tuesday, although it is less than 10 mm per hour.

With information from EFE

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