Imprisoned for tricking his girlfriend into believing he was a Levante player

Imprisoned for tricking his girlfriend into believing he was a Levante player

Between July and September 2017, the convict appeared to be someone who lived in a posh urban area and had bank deposits of large sums.

The fourth division of the Valencia District Court sentenced a man to two years in prison for cheating his girlfriend with the crime of fraud. Which made him think he was a professional footballer And he had a contract with him Raise UD her to give it 7,500 euros ($7,600).

The defendant must return this amount to the victim, to whom he showed an employment contract and a false bank statement.

However, the defendant was acquitted of the crime of forging a commercial document, because the judges understood that these papers were not circulated in the legal field.

The convict and the victim met in June 2017 via a social network, and after several conversations, they began a romantic relationship. Soon, the man, who lived in Las Palmas, moved to live at his girlfriend’s house, in a commune in the province of Valencia.

According to the decision, announced this Tuesday by the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community, between July and September 2017, the convicted person appeared to be someone capable of fulfilling his obligations and told the victim that he had a business in Marbella, lived in a luxury urban area, was a football player Present professional and have bank deposits of large sums of money in Andorra and Spain.

To build this appearance, the man gave the victim a copy of a forged document called ‘Professional Football Agreement with Raise UD”, who contained his personal data, as well as a fake bank receipt, with a balance of more than 96,000 euros ($98,000).

On the pretext of his lack of liquidity, because he had time savings in the bank, the prisoner asked the victim for money, and he handed it over to 7,500 euros ($7,600), Distributed in different amounts with a commitment to return.

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