Tiktok: In China, a man reveals his cheating girlfriend at a wedding | video

Tiktok: In China, a man reveals his cheating girlfriend at a wedding |  video

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The Betrayals are increasingly being shown on social networks And while the ideal solution is to stay away from these issues, they seem to be the order of the day. thus, He recently revived one of the most controversial videos on the subject, time that A groom discovers his partner’s infidelity and decides to expose the deception in the middle of his wedding day in China.

Through social networks, the 2019 video began to spread again, because the controversy around it was such that it collected millions of visits and angry comments. Now he does it again, but on TikTok.

what happened? As shown in the viral clip, The bride and groom entered the hall where the wedding ceremony will take place. however, When they get on stage, the beauty changes radically. this is after She announced that the most beautiful moments of the couple will be shown on a giant screen.

When everyone thought love would move on the screen, A video of the bride in an affair with another man has already been shown. The photos were recorded from the house the couple lives in.

As if that were not enough, the Chinese media revealed that the man with him The woman was unfaithful, no more or less than the husband of the bride’s sister; In addition, they reported that the sister who had been cheated on was also pregnant.

finally, The scene ended with a dispute between the spouses and a separation between them after the confrontation.


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