Drought reveals a terrifying message written on the “hunger stones” in a European river

Europe this summer broke records because of the heat. In some countries, rivers and seas bore the brunt. According to the Spanish Meteorological Agency, May, June and July 2022 were The driest month in the last 57 years.

The most recent case presented is that of the Rhine, one of the most important river sources in Europe. The Rhine flows through several countries, including Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, and Liechtenstein.

Severe drought in recent months has caused the river’s water level to drop. According to German media, “General Anzeiger”, the water fell last week by seven centimeters. Days later, the drop became 36 cm in one day.

The severe drought has revealed the so-calledhunger stonesThe term used by the Germans referred to ancient rocks that had been carved at other times.

in Europe historically They have brought with them poverty, hunger, a lower quality of life, and fewer jobs. Some of these stones have been marked with years and others with phrases.

“If You See Me Cry” is read on a rock. “He who saw me cried. He who saw me would cry,” “Life will flourish once this stone is gone,” he voiced the messages.

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Others say “2002” or “2018,” referring to the past few times the river’s flow has decreased so severely that it has become visible. There are signs that go back centuries. The oldest ones have ancient inscriptions and date back to 1417, 1473, 1616, 1630, 1654 and 1666.

All stones have in common that they are reminders of times of extreme drought. In 2018, the environmental NGO Greenpeace took one of these rocks and wrote on it, “If you see me, climate crisis has arrived.”

tough season

Europe is experiencing one of the hottest summers ever. In many countries of the continent, it has already become like public health problem.

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In Spain, water reservoirs have been reduced, so the country may face a water crisis. The governments of this country and France have had to impose restrictions on water consumption.

According to the French weather service Météo-FranceIn July, it rained only 9.7 mm in the country. The driest month has been recorded since March 1961. As a result, more than 100 municipalities are left without water service and another 93 will have to use saving measures.

The same is true for regions in Galicia, Catalonia and Andalusia in Spain. There the authorities are asking to be careful in consumption, avoid night showers, economy, and not fill swimming pools or wash cars.

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