Russia announces control of another town in eastern Ukraine – DW – 04/28/2024

Russia announces control of another town in eastern Ukraine – DW – 04/28/2024

On Sunday (04/28/2024), Russia announced the seizure of a village Donetskin the east UkraineIn an area of ​​the front where Moscow forces made progress last week against the Ukrainian army. “Thanks to active operations, units of the Central Force Group were able to achieve this Released The village of Novopakhmutivka, located northwest The city of Avdiivka has been in Russian hands since FebruaryThe Russian Ministry of Defense indicated.

He added that the Zapad (Western) military group “occupied more advantageous positions” in the vicinity of Sinkivka, Petropavlevka (Kharkov), Grigorievka (Donetsk) and Chervona-Dibrova (Lugansk), as did units of the Yuzhnaya (Southern) military group). which “improved positions on the front line” in Klychevka, Andreevka and Krasnohyrivka in Donetsk.

Russian forces also claim to have repelled a series of Ukrainian counterattacks near Chasiv Yar, another key point in the region where the two sides have repeatedly clashed, as a final invasion of this city would allow the Russian army to threaten the Ukrainian strongholds of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk. , keys to control the Donetsk region.

The Russian command also reported that Russian aviation, with artillery support, destroyed hangars for attack drones at the Ukrainian Kamenka airfield, in the Dnepropetrovsk region (central), as well as warehouses containing air-deployed bombs at Berluki airfields, in Chernigov. District, Starokonstantiniv, in the Khmelnitsky region.


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