Her husband buried her alive and asked for help with her Apple Watch and she was rescued in the US

Her husband buried her alive and asked for help with her Apple Watch and she was rescued in the US

A woman survived an assassination attempt by her husband in Washington after the latter gagged, tied and tied him up. He buried his victim alive in a temporary grave meters from their place of residence.

The story was posted by Fox News, Media that retrieved a 911 call Young An, the 42-year-old victim, performedfrom your smart watch.

When the call was made, the woman was already inside the hole, gagged and tied up; On the other end of the line, the operator asks, “Can you hear me?” While the victim is only panting.

Minutes after the call and the emergency worker’s insistence on having a conversation, she said, “What’s going on there?”I will get help for you. I’ll stay on line with you“.

It is impossible for any word to spinThe woman sobbed and seemed to have called for help, the operator replied “I’m still with you”, while trying to reassure her by informing her that security personnel had been deployed to find the victim’s whereabouts.

operator I managed to determine the address of the victim.

according to Fox News The woman managed to get out of the pit where she was buried alone, and ran through the woods where she stayed for half an hour until she finally found a citizen who called 911.

After a while, the woman met the authorities.

The last violent event occurred October 16According to continuous research.

Before this event occurred, husband Chae An and victim Young An got into an argument in the house they lived in. The dispute got out of control and the assailant gagged and tied the woman. As the officials point out At one point he stabbed her, too.

Then he put it in a truck and took it to the woods where he buried it.

Six hours later, the subject was caught near the hole he dug to bury his wife. He was arrested and held without bail.

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