higher country incomes from Ecuador, Venezuela and Brazil; Mexico imposes visas


Given the increase in Revenues a citizen EcuadorAnd Brazil s Venezuela a MexicoThe federal government decided to reimpose visas on those countries, after discovering that people had entered Mexican territory, but were no longer leaving, they warn Authorities responsible for immigration.

According to the data of the Migration Policy Unit of the Ministry of the Interior (will roam), from 2018 to 2021, a rise was revealed in entries for citizens of South American countries, which until last September did not require a visa to enter Mexico.

While in 2018, there were 370,000 495 admissions from Citizens Brazilians by air, the flow grew to 377 thousand 353 in 2019; By 2020, it was down to 126,593, in the first year of the epidemic, and from January to November 2021 it was 273,763.

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In the case of citizens of Ecuador, while in 2018 there were 87 thousand 374, the figure for 2019 increased to 169 thousand 382; In 2020 it decreased to 58 thousand and 157; But in 2021 121 thousand 649 were registered.

Meanwhile, in 2018, 75,242 citizens entered Mexico Venezuelans; in 2019 it grew to 81 thousand 812, and in the following year there was a decrease to 31 thousand 757; But in 2021, the number rose to 145 thousand 621.

The Mexican government has decided that the visa procedure will be temporary. For Ecuador, the agreement went into effect on September 4 and should expire on March 4, but a review will be conducted to determine whether it really expires or will last longer.

In the case of Brazil, it was determined that it would be a file temporary measure, as is the case for Venezuela, but there is no expiration date. The imposition of the visa does not stop migratory flows, especially if what they want is to go to another country to try to improve their economic situation or flee from Insecurity‘, said international Thomas Milton Muñoz, academician from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at UNAM.

About the visa imposed on Venezuela, AI They considered it a severe blow to the citizens of that country, as Venezuelans mostly seek to flee their country due to the current political situation, which is why it is a human rights issue.

Mexican authorities have documented that the largest immigration flows the country receives are not those from Ecuador, Brazil and Venezuela.

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by unit immigration policy, from Segob, for example, between January and November 2021 the largest number of foreigners who returned to their countries were from Guatemala (41 thousand and 208), Honduras (50 thousand and 247) and El Salvador (4 thousand and 750).

Haitians were added to these nationalities, who became one of the largest groups to arrive in Mexico in search of a better life and who are also trying to reach the United States. Between January and November 2021 alone, Mexico delivered 11,000 humanitarian visitor cards to people from Haiti.

Despite the pro-Latin American political rhetoric mentioned by this government, in practice it continues to comply with the schemes of the United States. Brazil, Venezuela, right, not from now, eight years ago, the number of people from these countries has increased as tourists and some decided to embark on the way to the United States. “What is problematic, especially in the case of Venezuelans, is that we know the situation they are in and it creates a bigger problem for those who seek to leave this country, even as politically persecuted people,” Milton Muñoz said.

He added that the Mexican government is putting stones in the road in addition to Knowledge The United States continues to enforce immigration policy in our country. A UNAM analyst stated that the Mexican government should implement its own immigration policy, which was recently revised.

According to diplomatic sources, GlobalismIn addition, a significant increase in travelers from Colombia and Peru was revealed, who arrive in Mexico on a regular basis, but do not leave the country either. However, in the case of these two countries, the cancellation of visas is part of the agreement between members of Pacific Alliance.

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