The fourth dose of the vaccine triples the protection of people over 60 against Covid-19: an Israeli study


Quds. Fourth dose of Covid-19 Vaccine It’s “highly effective” for people over 60, who “protect them three times more” from serious infections than people of the same age who were vaccinated with three injections, according to a preliminary study released today. Israeli Ministry of Health.

“The fourth dose increases protection against serious diseases three times or more” among the population over the age of 60, according to the health, based on data from about 400,000 Israelis vaccinated with this fourth injection and 600,000 citizens who received only three. booster dose

The investigation, which was preliminary in nature and conducted by experts from the Ministry of Health, the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Technion, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Sheba Medical Center, was based on the comparison “with respect to individuals vaccinated with three doses” and 4 months after the last vaccination.

In turn, according to the researchers, the fourth dose also doubles protection against infection among those over 60 years of age.

Today’s study comes a few days after another preliminary investigation by Israel’s Sheba Medical Center, which said the fourth dose is only “partially effective” against the omicron variant.

This strain has resulted in Israel now experiencing its fifth wave of infections, with maximum morbidity since the start of the epidemic.

The country recorded more than 71 thousand new positive cases daily this week, which is another record number of cases that occur while 732 cases were admitted to hospitals in serious condition and more than 442,000 people infected with the virus today.

Despite this situation, Israel remains without strict restrictions and is striving to keep its economy operating at full capacity, reopening its borders to vaccinate foreign visitors and reducing its Covid-19 quarantine to just five days.

Some experts have stated that due to the high prevalence of omicrons, the best solution to beat the new wave is that this massive infection allows for herd immunity, since the variant causes mild symptoms and few serious cases.

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