HM Hospitals welcomes the new promotion of medical and nursing residents


Madrid, 3 years ago. (European Press) –

HM Hospitals has welcomed the new promotion of the Resident Doctor (MIR) and Resident Nurse (EIR) who have been training since July at the various Group Centers in Madrid and Barcelona.

Specifically, there are five residents of this new promotion who have already started their specialty. Three of them started their internship in Madrid in Internal Medicine, Radiation Oncology and Pediatrics, while two others will complete their residency in Barcelona in Pediatrics and Pediatric Nursing.

This welcome, prompted by the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, took place online in Madrid and Barcelona. The president of HM Hospitals, Juan Abarca Seddon, expressed “the essential role that the specialization of health professionals plays, and that it is in line with one of the strategic goals that govern the group, such as a firm commitment to strengthening teaching.”

With this merger of five new residents, 23 health professionals are currently being trained in the group, a number that will be added to the 41 MIRs that have already relocated to HM Hospitals since 2009, and were the first private hospital group to receive accreditation to train medical professionals.

“This new batch of residents immersed in this terrible pandemic continues to be a commitment and motivation for HM Hospitals. In Spain, it is still rare for doctors and nurses to perform MIR/EIR specialization in private healthcare. We understand that having doctors and nurse specialists in training is another way , combined with university activity and R+D+i, to provide the best care to our patients and represents a firm commitment from the group to achieve excellence. We guarantee these residents state-of-the-art training and complete immersion in the specialty”, highlighted HM Hospitales Medical Director, Jesús Peláez.

And it happens that this new batch will start the first promotion of RIS in pediatric nursing with the first resident nurse starting his specialty at HM Hospitals, specifically, at HM Nens Hospital in Barcelona. This fact occurs after the franchise in 2020 by the Department of Health, Consumption and Welfare for the group’s first EIR position.

With this, there are seven specialties in medicine and nursing owned by HM Hospitals which are developed in the Community of Madrid at the University Hospitals HM Madrid, HM Montepríncipe, HM Torrelodones, HM Sanchinarro, HM Nuevo Belén, HM Puerta del Sur and in Barcelona at the HM Nens Hospital.

Specifically, they deal with pediatric and pediatric nursing and their specific fields, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, nuclear medicine, radiation oncology and medical oncology. This latest major is the latest to be created since the administrative mandate was granted last June, and it won’t be until the promotion that she begins her training in 2022, when the first resident in the field is incorporated.

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