State Police Training in Tactical Medicine


Training in “Tactical Medicine” and an International Certificate in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for elements of the State Police Tactical Medical Unit of the Security and Citizens Protection Secretariat concludes by specialist Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) personnel of the United States Embassy in Mexico, under the Professionalism Program the police.

State security personnel received training in tactical medicine, which can be used in emergency and disaster situations that deals with the organization and operation of systems, methods, and skills needed to care for acute and critical patients in the operating room. Situations, in control of law and order or in special cases.

The Tactical Medicine Training Program aims at training in the prevention of victims, in the development of their functions, based on the development of competencies that will allow the elements to obtain the tools to apply the necessary measures in this hostile context to save lives.

Twenty subjects participated in the training, which lasted 40 hours and was carried out at the facilities of the Nayarit Technological University (UTN).

These measures are in order to ensure the strengthening of the work of medical and early police care provided by the Secretariat for Security and Protection of Citizens responsible for Jorge Benito Rodríguez Martinez.

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