‘Home at last’: IKEA says goodbye to Angela Merkel and takes opportunity to promote armchair collection



December 9, 2021 04:01 GMT

The text of the photo posted on the company’s Twitter account reads, “Can you pass me the opera glasses, please? I want to see if Olaf (current advisor) is already busy.”

German furniture manufacturer IKEA bid farewell to former German Chancellor Angela Merkel with an ad promoting STRANDMON’s line of armchairs.

company general On his Twitter account is an image similar to a page from his catalogs with the former head of the German executive branch (although his face is not fully visible) sitting in an armchair model, the composition includes the phrase: “Finally at home” . Additionally, referring to his successor, the text accompanying the photo reads: “Can you pass me by? opera glasses, please? I want to know if Olaf (Schulz) is really busy.”

During this day, Schultz was a Social Democrat the chosen As the new chancellor, by obtaining 395 votes in the Bundestag, the national parliament, having previously made an agreement with the Greens and the Liberals to form a coalition government.

Already last week It has held A solemn celebration of Merkel’s dismissal captured media attention for torches carried by state forces and the choice of songs, one of which was punk rock.

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