Homemade tricks to unclog a bathroom without drain cleaner – teach me about science

Homemade tricks to unclog a bathroom without drain cleaner – teach me about science
Unclog the Toilet Without a Piston: Infallible Tricks.

When accidents happen and you don’t have a toilet plunger handy, you have to be creative. Fortunately, a plunger isn’t the only way to clear a toilet blockage. There are simple solutions with materials that you have in your home.

dish soap

Soap is one of the easiest ways to unclog a toilet. You have it in your kitchen and you won’t have to do much. You will only need this cleaner to be able to lubricate the clogged pipe, which will allow debris stuck in it to slide off easily. For this you will have to pour half a cup of soap into the toilet and it will do its job. If you don’t have any liquid detergent, small pieces of hand soap can also be used. Although the first option is recommended anyway.

Hot water

If the dish soap method isn’t enough to fix the problemAnd the Then you will have to try another option. Hot water can be one of those alternatives. For this, fill a bucket with hot water, make sure it does not boil, as it may break the porcelain, once you are sure the water is hot enough but not boiling, spray it from your waist height. In this way, the strength and temperature of the water flow can detect the obstruction, and the problem is ended.


In case you prefer to use the DIY option, should the blockage become too severe, you can move the obstruction manually. To achieve this without the need for a drain plunger, you can try the following: loosen the wire. It may be an old hook. Once you have a straight rod, it’s time to unscrew the cap. Squeeze the end of the wand and shake it until the debris is freed and able to flow down the drain. This will be enough to fix the problem.

baking soda mix

Baking soda is one of our favorite ingredients thanks to its multipurpose capabilities, in which case it will also be effective in unclogging the toilet when you don’t have a plunger. In addition to being a completely natural solution, you will have to pour one cup of this powder and two cups of vinegar into the clogged toilet. Let it bubble for about 30 minutes, you will see how it will unfold after trying the trick. In case that doesn’t work, you can try the hot water method.

toilet brush

This trick may seem a little strange, but it is very practical, especially when you need an instant fix. Take a toilet brush and angle its bristles into the drain, pumping it up and down until the blockage is loosened and the vacuum cleaner does the rest. This will be enough to get you out of trouble when you don’t have a press. We recommend that you cover your mouth with your shirt.

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