Honduran scientist advocates better mentors for new researchers


Tegucigalpa, November 24 (EFE). Strengthening the research process in science requires better mentors and learning focused on formulating questions, Honduran scientist Salvador Moncada said on Wednesday.

Although technology improves analysis processes for academics, it does not replace the foundations of the scientific research process itself, as Moncada stressed at the virtual opening of the Fifth Central American and Caribbean Research and Postgraduate Meeting, of the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH), in Tegucigalpa.

More than 600 academics will present their research work at the regional meeting, organized by the Council of Central American University of Central America’s (CSUCA) Regional System for Research and Graduate Studies, which ends next Friday, UNAH said in a statement.

The conference will also witness the participation of graduate students and researchers from 24 public universities in the region to exchange the results of scientific production on seven priority research topics in the regional development agenda.

deals with public health issues and chronic non-communicable and contagious diseases; development and food and nutrition security; population, education, social integration and cultures; democracy, governance and citizen security; regional, risk and local development; Renewable technologies, innovation and energy; climate change and environmental management.

The President of UNAH, Francisco Herrera, highlighted the work of the famous scientist Salvador Moncada, not only for his contribution to science, but also for being a benchmark in addressing the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and as a leader of opinion regarding the difficulties in governance matters in the country and the region.

Herrera also celebrated the scale of the science event, highlighting the broad participation of graduate students, professors and researchers from the region, enhanced by the virtual way the meeting is held.

Also among the participants were CSUCA authorities, University of Honduras Academic Vice President Belinda Flores, and Study System Administrator, Armando Lócida.

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