horror! They are caught on a rollercoaster

Those affected were forced to descend on the emergency steps of the roller coaster. Photo: Instagram

From the thrill of going to a Park It’s always a cause for joy, but one of the most frequent concerns is that the mechanical game will have a flaw and get stuck in heights.

It also happened to some visitors who went to the amusement park in the United Kingdom, who had a bitter experience Get stuck in the top of a roller coaster due to a mechanical malfunction.

This situation was videotaped, and it can be seen that visitors were taken down the emergency stairs from the top of the attraction.

It can also be seen that the passengers Roller coaster They were about 60 meters away, so they started joking as to momentarily pass panic.

Gravity called “The biggest one” It is listed as one of the largest in the world, so the height at which it was found caused panic among those who had to disembark on foot.

And the theme park said in a statement that all passengers are in excellent condition and that Going on foot can be more dangerous than riding on a rollercoaster.

Some said getting off was more frightening than the ride itself (…) These things happen and users are completely safe and protected at all times, ”the park said.

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