horses imitate sheep and also walk in circles; This is the explanation

horses imitate sheep and also walk in circles;  This is the explanation

After that was revealed Sheep were caught walking in circlesWell, this is another Sunday video at any horses They mimic this strange behavior as they have been seen running in circles.

According to the first reports, horses walking in circles were seen in the region of Mongolia, in Chinaand witnesses confirm that the animals They walk in circles for 12 days in a row.

Via Twitter, user @marthamarco_ shared a bizarre video in which hundreds of horses can be seen in action. rolls In circles, apparently confused.

In turn, some comments began to speculate about this phenomenon and indicated that Chemicals It changes the behavior of animals while others have explained that it is due to electromagnetic field.

Why do animals walk in circles?

However, one of the veterinary study books, is Merck Veterinary ManualHowever, he reveals that this behavior appears to be normal because it is performed by animals Protect yourself They are predators, so they walk in circles.

Similarly, other experts reveal that running in circles can also respond to a bacterial infection It could be behind some behaviors.

Presence Listeria monocytogenes It can cause inflammation in the brain that causes animals to run in circles. Also, parasites like Polycephalus lead to the same result.

But it must also be said There is no explanation Completely safe to encounter is this behavior in animals, which has been seen not only in sheep and horses, but in various species all over the world.

Finally, many theories have been put forward as well as some expert studies, but understanding animals completely, in this case why they walk or run in circles, is, for the time being, a mystery.

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