TUDN’s Mariazell recounted when police told her not to wear a bikini on the beach in Qatar

TUDN TV anchor said that during her visit to Simaisma Beach in Qatar, policemen covered her bikini because it is not allowed in that area.

Part of the mexican fans gathered in Qatar World Cup 2022 It continues in the World Cup grounds despite the elimination of Gerardo Martino’s team. Mariazelwho also cooperates with the company TUDN In covering the sporting event, he used his free time to Visit a beach In the Arab country but it had to be Face restrictions on wearing a swimsuit.

Through her verified account on Instagram, the presenter of the Chapultepec TV show recounted her experience when she met on Simaisma Beach, which is located a few kilometers from the capital, Doha. According to his testimony, the place was the closest to his own, so he decided to go. Even upon his arrival, he noticed that there were no other people there, and he even recommended tourists to visit it for its beauty and tranquility.

It took no more than an hour to post his first tentative story when he announced that The local authorities did not allow her to wear a bikini in the place. And although he had to abide by the restrictions, he indicated that the officers’ attitude was respectful from the moment they approached him to inform him of the decision.

Mariazel covering the 2022 Qatar World Cup (Instagram/mariazelzel)
Mariazel covering the 2022 Qatar World Cup (Instagram/mariazelzel)

“I did not register at that time out of respect for the officials (…) There is no one here on the beach and it is the closest we can find, We wear bikinis and swim dresses And now a official Very friendly and very respectful however He told us we couldn’t. He told us that If we could wear clothesWell, that’s what we did. We asked him if this was acceptable and he said yes and left. Strange, but these are the rules, ”he said on the social network.

During his speech, he said that For the first time something like this happened to him Since his arrival at the World Cup headquarters. And in various print and television appearances, he declared that he had no problem with the type of clothing he wore, but that the beach he decided to visit on Saturday, December 3rd, was local and the regulations were different.

It made sense because We are at a local beach. Rest on the tourist beaches. We are here because we were looking for the nearest beach and this one came up. I understand we have been told this Here you can not be in a bathing suit. It’s weird when someone suddenly comes up to you and tells you that you can’t wear a bathing suit on the beach, but these are the rules. “You have to abide by it,” he continued.

The Mexican delegation is one of the largest delegations participating in the Qatar 2022 World Cup (Reuters / Kai Faffenbach)
The Mexican delegation is one of the largest delegations participating in the Qatar 2022 World Cup (Reuters / Kai Faffenbach)

Despite the ban, Mariazel and her three companions managed to stay longer and enjoy the beach, even showing more details of the sea. Hours later, when he left the place, he announced his visit to the famous Turkish chef’s restaurant Nusret Gokceidentified by the alias of The owner of the saltWhich was famous among the elite for providing sumptuous cuts of meat at exorbitant prices.

In accordance with the decisions issued by the Qatari government and in compliance with them by the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), Clothes It is one of the most restrictive aspects. Those attending a football competition must wear appropriate clothing Shoulders and knees in public places. The only places where there is a file Use of swimwear in swimming pools and some beaches.

Other restrictions relate to public displays of affection. Likewise, it is not permitted to take pictures of government buildings or members of the public, as well as residents. Alcohol is only for sale in licensed venues and fan areas, although it was originally licensed around stadiums.

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