VIRAL: He pays his virtual girlfriend a trip and turns her down when he sees her without filters

VIRAL: He pays his virtual girlfriend a trip and turns her down when he sees her without filters

He made a trip to his “sweetheart” or the young woman he loves on social networking sites to meet in Washington, As soon as he saw her without filters, he ignored her and left her standing. This is the case of Ninoska Rodríguez, who went viral on Tik Tok.

she He explained in his video that it was partly his fault for misusing the filters, but that he would have liked to have spoken to him so he could get to know them better. tiktok user ninoska_lamestra1He uploaded two 15-second clips describing this Her virtual fiancé paid her ticket to the capital of the United States, However, the meeting did not take place.

She said the young man paid for her plane ticket to Washington, where he lives, to fly from Massachusetts to meet him.

But the young man did not like it, and he expected videos with filters. Currently in the first video With over 6 million views, Ninoska describes: “For the man who paid for my flight to Washington, D.C., and after seeing me, wanted nothing to do with me,” Described in a video seen through the airport halls.

And in another video that won 3 million and 200 thousand views, he felt guilty: “In fact I am guilty of misusing filters, he should have given himself the opportunity to get to know me more thoroughly”Details in another video.

There was another video in which she recounts how she got over it: I swallowed my questions, deleted the chat and moved on with my life.
It’s all because of the damned filters.”

In the video with the most views, there are comments from users about this bad experience of young Rodriguez. “But in video calls you look at yourself as you are”; “At least pay for his trip, that’s the most important thing”; “I don’t understand why they put a filter”; You have to be honest from the start, of course.reads the Tik Tok account.



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