Spain: The immigrant mocks the authority and enters Melilla by paragliding

The immigrant managed to enter Spain by paragliding. Photo: AFP (illustrative).

a immigrant I entered the city MelillaAnd the Spainin Paragliding from next door province From MoroccoAnd the I mentioned this Friday, December 2nd The Spanish authorities.

“At 6:15 pm (Thursday), two citizens in a car saw someone parachuting over the large, heavily guarded fence separating Morocco and Melilla.”

A spokesman for the Melilla government delegation noted.

Once diffuse The video in social networksThe Spanish authorities I mentioned it, though SearchUntil now immigrant The location could not be determined.

  • In this way spokespersonHowever, the events are unprecedented, as it is the first time he has been there immigrant Go inside Melilla in Paragliding

Located on the northern coast of Moroccosmall pockets Ceuta s Melilla They are the only limits of European Union with the African continent. These several-meter-high iron fences, equipped with video cameras and watchtowers, that mark the boundary, are frequent sights of attempted jumps, sometimes fatal.

  • some immigrants Sometimes try to enter these province Swimming from neighboring Moroccan towns

Hardly last June 24that least 23 immigrants They died trying to enter Melillathe worst Human tragedy Registered on numerous login attempts immigrants into one of the two pockets confined in Spain.

Drama woke up international outrage and the United Nations Organization (UN) He denounced the “excessive and lethal use of force” by Moroccan authorities s Spanish.

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