How do I know if I have a suitable balance in the 2021 annual return?


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We are in April, the must-have month Submit the annual return Kiss Service Tax Administration (he sat). If this is your case, doing so is the only way that you will be able to find out if you have a credit balance.

It’s 2021, The first taxpayers to submit their annual return for the fiscal year 2020If they have a positive balance, their taxes will be refunded in the middle of that month.

For To be able to present your permit, you must have the password, electronic signature and RFC on hand.

At the top right of the SAT home page, you should click on the Announcements section and then on the “Annual Permit of Natural Persons 2020 file” Now follow these steps:

  • Enter RFC and password or electronic signature.
  • Check what type of income will be declared according to your tax system.
  • The data will be preloaded.
  • Verify that the information on income, deductions, deductions, and / or temporary payments is correct, if not, complete or amend it.
  • By doing this, you’ll know if you have a credit balance or an amount to pay. If not, sign it and send it in.

Refund balances in favor

To request an automatic redemption at the end of the annual return, you will only need your password if the balance is in your favor Equal to 10,000 pesos or less or if the amount is greater than 10,000 pesos and reaches 150,000 pesos, provided that When using a pre-loaded CLABE account.

While that, Your electronic signature will be necessary if your supporting balance is greater than 10,000 pesos and you acquire a new CLABE account.

Automatic redemption will continue if natural persons submit their fiscal year 2020 announcement no later than July 31, 2021, if this date has passed, they will not be able to take advantage of these facilities. Unless the SAT declares it extends this term.

Non-automatic return

The tax will not be automatically refunded if your supporting balance is more than 150,000 pesos, If you get income from assets or businesses in joint ownership, marital partnership, or inheritance, or if you are in a relationship of forgiving defaulting taxpayers, among other cases.

Who does not file the annual declaration?

Individuals belonging to the tax incorporation system who: have obtained exclusive income from the wages of a single employer, provided that the CFDI has been issued to you. Salaries for all income even if the stated income exceeds 400,000 pesos.

They obtained wage income and also earned a symbolic benefit That did not exceed 20 thousand pesos.

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