How do I request my credit before July 30th? – Uno TV

How do I request my credit before July 30th?  – Uno TV

You can still collect your credit back From you Annual statement 2021 Kiss Tax Administration Service (SAT) And you still have time to do it. The last date Is that what you do No later than Sunday, July 31 and in We tell you how to order it.

The positive balance It happens when you make the annual calculation of your taxes, You have paid more than the taxes owed to the IRSso you can request that this amount be returned to you.

Remember to file he sat count by one Automated returns system for individuals who give their annual return and that determines the balance in favor of the corresponding fiscal yearin this case from 2021.

Your return request is free Before the SAT, but you need to:

  • Have a valid electronic signature or a portable electronic signature
  • Provide the information that will be attached to your application
  • Submit a financial institution account statement containing the taxpayer’s RFC and active bank account number (CLABE)

How to request a credit refund for the SAT?


  • Click the start button
  • Enter with electronic signature or RFC and password
  • Fill in the required information in electronic form
  • Insert files with scanned action documents
  • Sign and submit the action with the support of your electronic signature
  • Save or print your electronic receipt
  • Track your return in “Check Your Automatic Return”

face to face

  • Make an appointment and go with the procedure documents to the SAT office
  • Submit the documents to the tax authority that will handle your procedure
  • Receive and save the official stamped form as acknowledgment of receipt

When does the SAT not consider a refund?

Claim your SAT credit in person or online. Photo: quartoscuro

The he sat Do not consider refunding natural persons under the following assumptions:

  • If the supporting balance is greater than 150 thousand pesos; If this is the case, it will be ordered with Electronic Return Form (FED)
  • Refund request Fiscal years other than fiscal year 2021
  • send advertisement by password, You are obligated to submit it with an electronic signature (e.firma)
  • Submit a refund request via FED, Before obtaining the result of announcing the tax year 2021 They entered
  • Submit a regular or supplementary annual statement for the fiscal year 2021, After July 31, 2022
  • When they do not choose the option to return In the annual return, i.e. if the “return” box is mistakenly checked instead of “compensate” or “compensate”, but you don’t have taxes to compensate, these options can be modified when you file a supplemental return from exercise, indicating the change Before July 31, 2022

Also, if during exercise you positive balancethe taxpayer Pending in the Federal Register of Taxpayers (RFC) or like It cannot be located in your registered financial home.

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